Revolutionary: Trump is old school because he governs by his id,
kind of like the Dear Leader, but different.

(4.18.17 BenQQ) If you are a viewer of things like MSNBC, Morning Joe, CNN, The View, and a reader of most any newspaper, you feel in varying degrees their simmering hate of Trump and the people who voted for him. Trump was supposed to fall on his face, fail miserably. Republicans were supposed to eat crow and go home ashamed and embarassed.

Their dislike from hatred to condescending disdain, often in the spirit of abandoning American principles of community, now has grown rancid. They remain so upset. It wasn't supposed to be like this. At bottom of their discomfort: Trump is not a professional, worse, a rank amateur, who bullied and bought his way into the big boy club. He is incapable of understanding the complexities of leadership. He is from the unwashed, having lived without the benefit of proper enlightenment. Of course, contradicting that, he has lived among them, a fact that's got to ire them even more.

Then, one has to ask, if he is so bad, how come everything seems to be working out? By this time the country was supposed to be in a collapsed stock market (Mark Cuban), in "civilizational conflict" (Washington Post), the earth burning under radioactive firestorms (Mother Jones), a return to racial animosity (CNN) and on and on. How could the people be so right and, with all their credentials, high paying government jobs and social accolades, be so wrong?

Here's my theory. The new word in current innovative capitalism is "disruptor." Distruptors change markets, reinvent exchanges and make previously established methods irrelevant. Trump is a political disruptor because his voters made old politics irrelevant. They saw something in him the experts, judging by their initial response just partially sited, no doubt did as well: an untrained brute force that could get the job done in direct threat to globalists, the entrenched elite and old lines of both parties. Other societies had and have bloody revolutions to accomplish this; we have elections.

You really can't blame the elites. For the past half century the: media, academy, institutions and business have all sung the same chorus: let us lead you. We're smarter. We know better. However, by 2016, something had cracked in the old assumptions. The elites had even begun to believe it about themselves.

Perhaps it was the internet with its open communications and opinion proffered without approval from media bigwigs that finally began to penetrate into voter decisions. By this time, average people (by the way incessantly referred to in the polling category "non-college educated") could see through the "expert" cover, a self centered careerism peppered with media validation. (And, its worth mentioning, many of those "college educated" viewers never even got their careers started but instead were watching annointed Ivy league cohorts rise in media and government.)

The average person whiffed the odious smell of such top level careerists as the Obamacare/Iran nuclear deal obfuscator Ben Rhodes, serial liar Susan Rice (Washington Times), habitual vote defrauder Debbie Wasserman Shultz, as well as Obama and Hillary herself. The average person, whose life is not centered on politics, didn't like it. And they were just a few of the characters to whom no thinking candidate would find themselves attached.

If my political theory is only partially correct, the connection between Trump and his supporters can only be explained by primitive political id. That is, from Trump's position, basic mutual political instincts that are designed to get things done in the present for a negotiated result in the future. Right now, his basic id objectives, are to kill terrorists, punish Assad, reward China, make North Korea behave, grow business, create more jobs, do tax, redo Obamacare. Except for procedural things like the more gymnastic keeping his base happy while practicing politics, that's about it. That's all the people want. Trump, the real estate pragmatist, will change the negotiation whenever necessary to accomplish his id, or goals that satisfy his base as well as him.

This is what gets to the commentariot more than anything else. They don't see the pattern that Trump's supporters see. Its right there. There's a goal, but different ways to get to it, like any excutive knows. Politicians usually have an undeveloped brain in this method. It is exactly opposite to what Obama was all about, that is "leading from behind" to appease the world and playing to the liberal media on all things domestic and foreign. (The media, as we all know, lapped it up.)

Hence, every day you hear laments about Trump having "no strategy" nor "plan." Trump knows better than to engage a media establishment whose full time institutional purpose and career reward therein, are to destroy him. Its no win. That's why you'll continue to hear pronouncements that Trump is "mentally incapable." The irony is rich.

One need only look to their limitless investigation that reached deep into the White House Easter Egg Roll. Priceless.