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Like many local vendors, Memphis' Country Cat Family was slated at Memphis Amazing Pet Expo in August. The event was cancelled at the last minute as have been many other Amazing events across the country. Many, if not most as far as we can tell, vendors have not received a refund causing accusations of outright and ongoing fraud. This a long read. Link below.

1.16.18 A Tale of Two Broadcasts--The Fake Warning in HI and Orson Welles' War of the Worlds

1.12.18 "Weather Indifference" or How That Brought me to the Deep State

1.8.18 Cohen, Marijuana, Distraction--Congressman Steve Cohen should be more concerned aboutgetting Marijuana off Schedule 1 rather than trying to impeach the President.

12.26.17 J'ACCUSE! Memphis City Council Or
"O what a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive."

12.6.17 Amazing Adventures with Amazing Pet Expos
a first person saga

8.19.17 They predict the resignation of Trump.8.18.17 Since when do we bend to the politics of violent extortion?

8.13.17 The Charlottesville Triumvirate give the supremacists a victory
--8.20 Just picked up..Cathy Couric crew hit with antifa urine and species

8.12.17 Our Man in Memphis infers the Deep State is going to take out the President

8.5.17 Memphis Pet Show Cancels

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