What if we exercised "Weather Indifference"? Or how the weather takes me to the Deep State.

a speculation

(BenQQ 1.12.18) It is icing over in the early hours. I hear the earth freezing into a cold hard coil under ice and snow outside my window.

Local tv is reporting schools and stores are closing down. The city is becoming frozen. Weather reporters are giving urgent desultory advice: you need to "bundle up," "stay warm," and most of all "don't drive unless you have to." They flash ice storm maps on the screen that shows the encroaching ice grip that looks like those of old that showed the encroaching communist menace.

Weather is big business for local tv. With viewership continuing to fall for tv generally, the one area in which viewing spikes is during severe weather. Channels 3, 5 and 13 all had early hour coverage of the ice storm rolling into the city. It was going to be bad, real bad. That's my point. In seeing what's coming, we are advised to avoid, that is not go outside. Stay inside and wait it out.

Perhaps unconsciously the reporters tapped into an ancient primal fear still in the human brain. Early man knew weather could kill and that primal fear has stayed with us. Helping overcome that primitive reaction to weather was the launch of the weather news industry millions of years later. It was a hit. For the first time you could see what was going to happen outside and that sight could possibly save your life.

But what if we took that advice and everybody made standard "environmental adaptations" to go outside based on that information. In other words, nothing would shut down, traffic would remain on the streets (thus keeping them useable) and school children would learn the world does not stop at the first crack of ice. What they would also learn is little makes you stop. You keep going as an individual with everybody else.

Keep in mind in such "weather events" cities and volunteers could provide "ongoing vehicle support" instead of calling it "emergency services," thus redefining the weather event as a business-as-usual mode. That mode would contribute to keeping roads clear and thus everthing operating. So the usual mass participation, viewed as no big deal, would keep the flow of the city going.

What good is all that when you could just as well stay inside and wait it out? Aside from the local economy not taking a hit, such "weather indifferent" social values would carry over to other areas that we are encouraged to fear--like terrorism, technology, the economy, Chinese, Russians, Trump, the DNC and the media array of what's lurking in the future in general.

Further, such a value would make us less submissive to the government. Remember when two guys with a gun shut the entire city of Boston down? "Weather indifference" would carry over into all other things from how we think as individuals and to what we tolerate as "necessary" government services that automatically puts us in a subservient role. In short, such a value would undermine the power of the Deep State. It took the Deep State about 70 years to imbed its usually invisible hand in our lives.

Simply behaving with self-will breaks the grip of weather, as well as the Deep State.


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