A tale of two broadcasts--Orson Welles fake 1938 Martian invasion caused panic but North Korean missiles are real


(BenQQ 1.15.18) The first fake news episode of 2018: a North Korean missile was speeding toward Hawaii. Death and destruction was imminent. "This is not a drill."

According to Info Wars Owen Shroyer, the 38 minute lapse to announce it was all a mistake shows the looney liberals in Hawaii only wanted to create a panic on which to blame Trump. If true, compared to the numerous scenarios of the Deep State designed to ruin Trump, this one would be the gambit most telling. Apparently the Hi-libs are willing to incite mass hysteria and insert little kids in sewer drains (the iconic TV shot) to further overlay the now orchestrated myth of Trump's incompetence. It would be another step toward Article 25.

The 1938 faux news broadcast by Orson Welles "streamed" a real time Martian invasion for a full hour until Welles let the rubes know it was all only a Halloween stunt. Thirty minutes today in digital time is an eternity. The FCC back then rightly refused to take complaints on the issue. Had they done so, bureaucratic punitive limits may have resulted not only on Welles but the media in general. Can't have them stimulating the public too much. Sounds a lot like the contemporary rationale to limit free speech.

Chances are a state employee really did goof and hit the wrong button. Failsafe standards aside, that's probably all there is to it, despite Info Wars predilections. History footnotes will mention a hapless employee admitting sheepishly, "I was the one who caused the mass panic of 2018" complete with one time interviews and blogs.

Of course, we know no government agency would ever seek to undermine a duly elected President.

But if it turns out there was yet another deep state inspired "false flag" to generate public anger toward Trump, it, like the phoney dossier and the ongoing Russian collusion interlude, has backfired.

The imminent NOKO missile strike only served to make it as real as a heart attack. People now think, yeah, it was a mistake this time, but what about the next. The fumbling civil sevant did the state a favor. This is what it feels like. Get ready to die. That holdover delusional communist maniac from an unfinished war finally fulfilled on his threats.

Then its an easy jump to: Trump was right. We may not like the way he says it, but he was right about "little rocket man." Time is running out and the international effort to denuclearize Kim has failed. Unless we are content to accept his intercontinental ballistic reach, we have but one option in the face of all previous efforts: take them out and accept the consequences.

Thanks in part to previous politicians lies and deceptions (Gulf of Tonkin) about the last Asian war, we are stuck with the now popular rethink meme that use of the bomb on Japan was unnecessary. Should we preemptively surgically strike North Korea, we should be clear on the reasons and the consequences.

Trump should start laying out his reasons, the public nature of which leaves a way, as repellant as it is, for Kim Jong Un to survive. That would be the price, at least for us, of avoiding a nuclear war. The North Korean people would continue to be on their own with Kim's surreal regime of death camps, starving population, and robotic mass celebrations.


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